Friday, 3 December 2010

Visit to the new local hospital at Peterborough

I loaded Hubby up in our car having positioned the car carefully to make use of a dry patch in our car park, so that I did not land on my arse lifting him out of his chair.We arrived at the new hospital in plenty of time at 15:10 only to find it was chaos, everything is so tight for car access in front of the entrance and the temporary disabled car parking is quite frankly a very bad joke. It sits in a hole so anyone pushing a wheelchair independently must be a Para-Olympian just to get from there to the front door. The car park is extremely tight for space as well so if you have one of those big mobility vehicles you ain't getting in. We don't but still could not find anywhere to park and unload. So I parked up in the drop off zone and went in to reception primarily to cancel our appointment as I could find anywhere close enough and safe enough to do the gymnastics he takes to get Hubby out of our car and into his wheelchair.Any ways I got lucky as Toni the manager for disability issues was on the front desk. Very nice lady who showed us somewhere safe but "unauthorised" that we could park, she also took us up to the Neck and Head department and got us seen as a priority. So there are some nice people out there. I must apologise to her here for my hubby's grumpy demeanour, he isn't generally like that honest but by this time he had enough of being cold and unsettled. The appointment went well but looks like we need to go back for further investigations into Hubby's swallowing problems.

On the way home we got some fish + Chips for tea, took them home and enjoyed them.

Rest of our evening was spent trying to get Hubby's body temperature back up to where it should be , he gets so cold so easily.He was in a lot of pain last night with his feet and left knee.

Put him back to bed at 8pm for a couple of hours and joined him myself as exhausted. We didn't get that much rest as his legs were spasming pretty badly no sooner got him settled lie down and he was asking me to attend to him again. Back up at 10pm to clean his teeth and do his catheter at midnight.

00:30 back to try and lie down again after working on Hubby's legs for quarter of an hour to try and settle them. Then up again at 02:00, 03:15, 04:00, 04:20, 05:13, 05:30, then at 05:45 do his catheter a bit early since up any ways. Try and get some more snatches of sleep before getting up at just after 07:00.

10:30 this morning we had a visit by the housing officer and Community OT as we are trying to get rehoused. This place just ain't working for us, but we realise, having been there ourselves that we will not be a high priority. They were not that impressed with Hubby's cannibalised wheelchair, where have had to remove one of the front caster as he kept swiping his heel, padding on his right armrest where he hangs on for dear life so that he does not fall out of his chair to his left weak side. They saw for themselves that I am in a lot of pain with my back and could hear the grinding in my sore knees, especially as I had to reposition Hubby several times while they were trying to talk to him.

Well here we go into the black hole again of the weekend, where even less people give a toss about about anyone.

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