Monday, 6 December 2010

Happy Birthday Husband of mine.

It is my hubby's birthday today not that it will brighten his day or anything. No you don't get the choice to switch off the pain for the day, Birthday or not. We were going to try and go out for a drive today just to get out of this bloody flat, but he does not feel well enough to deal with the extra pain that would cause. I do not think my back and shoulder are up to the physical lifting involved either so we will stay put today, on our own wallowing in our own misery.

Not much exciting happening this week we have a routine visit to the local hospital on Wednesday to see the kidney specialist which we are both dreading, not the appointment but the parking at the hospital. Thursday we have a planning meeting with our new care agency on how we are to train and ramp up the provision of carers. A bit of light at end of tunnel, except they still will not be able to deal with Hubby's leg spasms on nights so muggings here still will not get any sleep to speak of.

Wrote an email to his specialists yesterday begging for help to get us through to his hospital appointment in February I will not hold my breath. Different Day Same Shit....

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