Friday, 10 December 2010

Oh Dear having to write nasty emails again

Dear Social Worker et al :

There is an old management training mantra, ASS U ME, makes an ASS out of U and ME. Re ferticare, NO, not the reason we were talking about it. Some studies have shown that this same treatment at a “lower frequency” reduces spasms in some patients.
Terence has decided to decline this treatment at this time, one of the reasons being, people jumping to wrong conclusions ! Feels his dignity has taken a big enough battering already at this time, without people sniggering behind his back.

Angela Gall [Stanmore] can not think of anything to give Hubby to keep us going until February, in the way of an epidural etc. I am trawling the internet for expert Anaesthetists, Pain Experts others , there must be something out there that will numb his below waist sensations for a week or so at a time. The NHS is being very cruel leaving him to suffer like this and I believe his human rights are being trampled on.

Re the night shift: you make it sound like we have made a choice to decline the night shift. What choice ? there is no choice, we are between the proverbial rock and hard place. We need a qualified physiotherapist on nights to do what I do but in a safer manner and to train the carers properly. The physio will have a feel from his vocational experience of how far a damaged human knee can be manipulated. You lot are really pushing me to walk out on my husband, I will have to for my own medical safety. Then I wonder how quickly you lot would realise what we have been trying to tell you is fully justified and true. Please see sense guys, do I really have to manufacture a medical emergency?

Next Thursday Belinda from Commicare is coming to witness what I have to do to straighten his legs every hour during the night. She will feel for herself, hopefully without hurting herself, how difficult it is to straighten Hubby’s legs, also how ‘sloppy’Hubby’s damaged left knee feels. You yourself could not part Hubby’s knees when you were here so know how clamped up everything gets. I guarantee she will not be able to do the procedure.

So to summarise why are we not starting the night shift at this time:

1. Would be asking inadequately trained Carers to carry out a dangerous procedure [hourly forcible leg straightening] that could cripple them [possible back injury, shoulder injury, sprained wrists, spleen damage] and take away their livelihood.
2. Would be asking inadequately trained Carers to carry out a dangerous procedure that could further deteriorate their clients (TDB) well being, resulting in further damage to his left leg.

Then why am I doing said procedure, straightening Hubby’s legs is the only way to stop his painful leg spasms at the moment. Again all to note I am now carrying out this very physical hourly procedure at night with a back, shoulder, knee injury, and no significant sleep in which to recover my health. Not more than 2 hours straight sleep since September 16th. THIS IS AN URGENT CRISIS I WILL WALK AWAY INORDER TO PROTECT MY OWN HEALTH & FUTURE PROSPECTS OF RETURNING TO WORK.


Angela & Terence

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