Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Doctors why don't they help us ?

Hubby's consultant rang us last night, I explained about the dire straits we are in. She says she understands but can not do anything for him until February. So I asked her if there was an epidural or something that he could be given weekly until then to get him through, no there is nothing known to medical science that my husband can have to relieve his suffering. I do not believe it there must be something that could temporarily numb his sensations to get us through these next 8 weeks.She did mention some sort of vibration therapy that she said might help lessen the spasms a bit but not the pain from his knee. They have definitely decided that his knee does not need operating on even though it don't sound or feel right. All coming from his spinal injury apparently.

Everyone thinks that just because we have carers in training now that things will be okay. They wont ? Still does not take away his pain, spasms etc just means that I am able to walk away for a hour or too.

Come on those of you in the medical community, thinking caps on, give us back some hope and Christmas which at the moment is cancelled in our household.

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