Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Oh its Wednesday today....every day seems the same...

Just finished the on-line food shopping our only way of having food in the house. Wouldn't you have thought that if someone in your house was getting higher rate DLA they would knock off the delivery charge, no such luck.

Going to try and venture out in the car today as Hubby has a physio appointment and then to the new Hospital to see his Kidney Doc. Bit worried about it as this morning his spasms are so bad that when I went to straighten his legs he was screaming out in pain as his stomach muscles were firing off painfully. Very scary to hear a grown man scream out in pain, I thought I had finally broken his leg for a second. No one knows what it is like to have to torture your nearest and dearest just so their legs relax for a few more minutes. There is no way these untrained carers can do this. I am having to abort the operation of straightening coming back up for another go on frequent occasions as I can feel that if I continued to press down something would snap. They just wont have this feel...and it is not something you can teach.


The GPs have their heads firmly up their arses and at the same time deep in the sand. They just do not want to know how we are doing. I seemed to have been pegged as a drama queen which my friends who I served in Iraq will find hilarious, as they know I am the person you want along side in a crisis.

We need help to find a substance that Hubby can take directly into his spine to numb his pain and spasms temporarily to get us through until February when the staff at Stanmore will find out what it is exactly to look after my hubby, then there will be DRAMA...

We need your help, do you know someone ? for the story of how we got in this mess in the first place.
Thank you Angela

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