Wednesday, 17 August 2011

May be some light at end of very dark tunnel

Well what a week, last week was.

We got an interesting phone call from the city housing people to say there may be a fully accessible bungalow available soon in one of the prettiest villages near here. It has not been fully finished off yet so if we are successful, there will be many cat1 waiting list clients who will want, we may get the chance to have a say on what accessibility things we need to make it work for us.

Then on Saturday we received a letter to book an admission for the vital operation that hubby needs to get our lives back on track. I rang first thing on Monday and was somewhat disappointed as the earliest they could offer was 21st September, not long you say. Well it is when you are existing in a living hell, full of pain, no sleep, cant eat properly and feel like your own muscles are crushing your insides.

Then on top of that he has a urine infection that they will not aggressively treat until he is  in hospital prior to his operation. This makes him even stiffer and his spasms even more severe. It also means that 3am in the morning I am often found giving him another urine catheter.

Grit our teeth and get on with it as usual as no one in the medical profession, listens or hears our cries for help, no one gives a shit, and don't we know it.

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