Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I'm here but where are the professionals ?

August 1st  2011:

00:20    Go to bed. Manually lift into bed. Work on TDB’s legs to get him settled.
00:45    Finally get to lie down myself.
02:30    Reposition TDB’s legs.
03:30    Reposition TDB’s legs.
04:20    Reposition TDB’s legs.
05:30    Needs Catheter doing early. Sit up on edge of bed. 500ml collected.
07:00    Reposition TDB’s legs.
08:10    Get myself up.
08:30    Get TDB up. Make coffee + give him 250ml of Cranberry juice.
09:00    6 sprays of Sativex taken.
10:00    TDB does not want anything to eat. Wash and give shave. Sitting up difficult, breathing a struggle, hip spasms bad. Put him back to bed to work on his legs for awhile. Get him back up 11:00.
11:45    Catheter done, darker yellow 250ml. Stretch legs out again in wheelchair. Pain levels quite high again today, hip / leg spasms bad. Took 2mg Detrusitol.
12:15    Cook bacon + egg sandwich which he manages to eat.
12:40    Stretch TDB’s legs. TDB watching TV trying to keep as still as possible to avoid pain.
15:00    TDB put back to bed. Reports bladder snatching like he needs to go to toilet. Exercise given on bed. Takes 2 Neurofens.
15:30    Start to prepare dinner, corned beef stew.
16:30    Got TDB out of bed. Exercising him before hand. He then took 5 sprays of Sativex. Says he is coping with painful snatching of leg / hip muscles today but feels strong enough to deal with.
17:30    Catheter done early due to snatching feeling in bladder.
17:45    Dinner served.
18:30    Pudding .
18:45    Leant forward as feeling out of breathe and tight across chest. Put back again will watch for further signs of distress.
20:00    Detrusitol 2mg. Feeling flushed. Antibiotics taken.
21:00    Extra Catheter, mid yellow 250ml. Both go to lie down for a couple of hours.
23:20    Get up. Brush teeth get tablets ready.
00:00    Catheter done, mid yellow 150ml.

August 2nd 2011

00:25    Tablets taken. Back to bed.
00:40    Work on TDB’s legs, get to bed myself.
01:45    Reposition his legs.
03:30    Reposition legs.
06:00    Catheter 350ml mid yellow.
07:00    Reposition legs.
08:10    Reposition legs get up.
08:30    Get TDB up after working on legs. Says back & groin pain very bad today. TDB needs to wear shorts today due to cleaner coming at 10am.
09:00    Coffee & Fiber orange drink for TDB, bowel day.
09:30    Wash TDB.

Same thing day in day out 24 hour back breaking care with no breaks....

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