Thursday, 6 December 2012

How to make £64m non claimed lottery ticket help the #disabled

So the £64m Euro winnings was unclaimed.

I would like to make a suggestion as to how it is now spent. I propose the setting up a company called, Constructing  Accessible Social Housing Ltd. This company will build up to 250 fully accessible properties around the UK. Employing a targeted percentage of disabled people in all aspects of the company.

The potential tenants of these properties would apply with evidence as to why they need such a property. All applications will be then vetted before their names would then be put into a draw to have a purpose built home for their specialist needs. All of the people that apply even those that are not lucky enough to get one of the first 250 properties will have a study carried out as to why their housing needs are not being met, where they live in the country so that a targeted campaign can be started by the company to name and shame local authorities and areas that are not looking after their disabled people.

The company would have a teaching remit, to educate local authorities, local builders and local housing associations as to what an accessible home needs to look like. I have personal experience of a local council that thinks disability accessible is an old peoples style 1 or 2 bedroom bungalow with slightly wider doors and a wet room provided.

The Rent collected from the properties plus any other funds that can be gained in association with other disability charities would be used to build further properties and maintain the housing stock.

This would also have the knock on effect of adding a little boost to the UK economy. Building up specialist expertise in building accessible housing, also the company would try and incorporate environmental green technologies in home heating, materials used, recycling of water etc. This would hopefully off set the extra carbon footprint and energy use that the disabled generally need to use in extra space, heating, utility use etc.  Create jobs and generally put the money to very good use.

A measurement of a civilised society is how well it takes care of its vulnerable, the UK could do better !

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