Friday, 24 August 2012

My Superman Hubby

Today the drains were removed from Hubby's back. The dressing removed revealed an S-Shaped wound  so we all knew he is  SUPERMAN, now he has the S to prove it.

Bit of confusion today over blood tests as he had a test yesterday but needed another today due to increased amylase levels from his pancreas. He feels okay so hopefully nothing to worry about.

Someone was asking about caring schedules, for me at the moment. Always very difficult to document this as where do I start as there is not much sleep to de-mark a start and end to the day. so here goes,

23:00 - turn OH onto left side.
00:00 - turn onto back, help brush teeth, collect urine via intermittent catheter, help clear chest for sleeping.
00:20 - turn onto right side.
05:00 - turn onto left side.
06:00 - turn onto right side, collect urine via intermittent catheter.
07:00 - turn onto back ready for breakfast.
07:30 - Breakfast & bed wash
08:15 - turn onto left side
09:00 - turn onto right side, do a bit of physiotherapy.
11:00 - first antibiotic.
11:40 - second antibiotic.
12:00 - collect urine via intermittent catheter, turn onto back for eating.
12:15 - eat.
13:00 - turn onto left side.
14:00 - turn onto right side.
18:00 - turn onto back for eating, collect urine via intermittent catheter.
18:15 - eat
19:00 - turn onto left side.
20:00 - turn onto right side.
back to the top.

I sit most of the time by his bedside making sure he isn't getting into too much pain and therefore a potential autonomic dysreflexia attack. Give him his oral medication as necessary. Make sure no one messes with his bad left knee. Move him when he is in pain, having leg spasms. On bowel days empty his bowels manually. Many days I cook for him as the food is so bad here.

So there it is...

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