Wednesday, 4 July 2012

There's Patches & There's Patches


pretty uneventful, starting to get into a routine, up at 6am do his catheter, lie down for another 20mins, up roll up bedding, put mattress into vacuum pack bag roll out the air. Get a wash or shower, ready for another day. Saturday got out to ASDA in the afternoon, bought a really cheap DVD player as the ones on the provided TV's are not working and some food for myself for the week.

Monday 2nd July

Lots to do on this day. Try to co-ordinate everything with the busy nursing team, we manage it, sort of, but a bit manic. 2 lots of IV antibiotics, bowel emptying, vacuum dressing change, sounds easy when you say it quick. Every item takes time and can not be done at the same time. The Etrapenem Antibiotic takes 1/2 hour, the [x-]mycin one takes nearly an hour, bowels 2 hours, vac dressing 1/2 hour, then there's lunch and dinner, as you can see the whole afternoon is shot. Well we get Hubby settled after all that poor dude is knackered. Then just before 6pm the drug run, brought us a bit of a laugh. They tried to prescribe Nicotine Patches instead of his pain patches. Very funny since Hubby has never smoked and was a keen sportsman before his illness. We could have been upset by this but you have to keep a sense of humour about these things.


Got up as usual. Get Hubby his breakfast, look out of the window and see a beautiful little beasty.
A little dear, thought it was a goat at first but no it really is an urban dear. Yesterday was quite busy, doctors rounds and met up with Hubby's OT again. Hoping to mobilise him in a wheelchair with pump attached. Any way we will see. Have a bit of do with cleaner he has a thick heavy cold, coughing and sneezing and then wondered why I didn't want him anywhere near Hubby.

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