Monday, 4 June 2012

What could I do if we won the Euro-millions

I got to thinking what good could I do if we were the lucky winners of the enormous Euro-millions jackpot.

There is a empty plot of land opposite us, I would love to have 5 state of the art accessible bungalows built on it. I would build a little community, with a ramp accessible warm therapy pool , that the local community could use as well. Staff up the place with physiotherapists, senior experienced nurses to run the place and well paid / trained carers to help the people living there.

The spacious 2 bedroom, bungalows would be open plan so that wheelchairs have easy access everywhere. for example , ceiling hoist tracks built in. Electronic sliding front doors. Use the latest technology in Eco friendly heating and recycling of water. Make use of technology to aid those living there with their independence. The site would also have office / shower  facilities for the support staff. The gardens with shade, would be accessible, with sensory elements, raised beds etc.

if we got the business template right we would then open other sites around the country in areas where the council is failing to meet the needs of the local disabled community. I would also use the project to indulge my passions in developing business talent as I would encourage the physiotherapists to develop themselves into business units using the provided facilities to provide services to the wider community, in the spare under utilised slots for the bungalow community residents.

I would also like to fund research into new electric wheelchair battery technology, to make them last longer, maybe by some sort of recycling energy technology, plus make the batteries physically lighter and smaller. Why can't the disabled have chairs more akin to Professor Xavier's wheelchair from the X-Men.

On a personal front we would of course get Hubby the best treatment available , hire well paid / trained personal staff to help him. Buy the equipment that would make his life a lot easier, place to live, car, specially adapted electric wheelchair etc.

But at the moment no amount of money in the world would probably  be able to make him be able to walk again. 

Final thought for today : Money can do a lot of things but can not make the impossible, possible.

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  1. I really loved reading this article. I’m a big fan of the EuroMillons, as such the current Jackpot of 132M Euro is really exciting! I totally agree with what you mentioned regarding research and improving the life through technology. I'm planning to buy buy my ticket today at, and pray that I can share something for this noble cause!