Monday, 14 May 2012

Dads Funeral Week

Well this week on Thursday Dad's body will be taken back to his beloved Somerset from where his half of my family hale. All of his immediate family will be there, to say their fond farewells, with one notable exception ME.  Hubby is too sick to travel all that way, no one appropriate has offered to take care of him so that I can go. I have done what I can to help with the arrangements from my living room incarceration.  No word as yet regarding a hospital admission to get Hubby's pressure sore sorted, should get some feedback soon I guess.

Our GP very kindly visited me at home re my bad back, which is still killing me by the way. Apparently they don't do x-ray checks on bad backs, you are supposed to live with it and get addicted to lots of painkillers instead. Not what she actually said by the way, she wouldn't of course , but the result nether-the-less. Something is definitely wrong with my back and I want to know what I am dealing with. So we will use some of our hard saved put a side money and pay for a private scan  as soon as I can arrange for someone to look after  Hubby so that I can take care of myself for a change.

Still no word from the local PCT regarding carer provision for Hubby. That's 10 months now that I have been struggling on solo. I think I am going to have to make an official complaint, as they have a duty of care for Hubby that they are not taking care of. Expecting the complaint to be a total waste of time, but luckily for them I do not have the energy any more to make them look like complete [substitute rude word of choice] by going public in the media re their illegal failures.

Hubby is really struggling at the moment with the pain, stomach spasms, he had a nose bleed this morning which I hope is not an indication that something else is now going on. He is still sat in a wheelchair that makes his pressure sore worse,  new one on the way but still 5 weeks away. Having problems with his alternating pressure mattress  as it sets off painful leg and stomach spasms. So life continues to be very difficult for both of us.

We had an unwelcome diversion yesterday, one of the twitter users that I follow, is in Addenbrookes hospital having a very serious colon operation. She awoke from her op to find out that someone had given her a drug that she is known to be allergic to, she was wearing a wrist band at the time saying so as well. She was shouting from her account for help. Anyway her loyal followers went into action,situation was sorted by two of them making sure the operations matron got involved. Unfortunately another case of medical staff not listening to their expert patient, she has had Crohns disease for over 15 years and knows what works for her and what does not. Stories coming out of the NHS at the moment are very scary to us that have to use the service on a regular basis.

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  1. So sad that you can't make your dad's funeral - that final 'goodbye is so important ( I have a funeral to go to tomorrow and another next friday - and attending is certainly not without difficulties).

    Your problems are many and complex and I understand completely your anger and frustration, but when I looked at your other web site I almost thought I was reading about the life of another person?

    On that site you are so informative and positive - so I wonder if this is the place where you have decided to let off steam? Not that I blame you...