Wednesday, 11 April 2012

April Update

It is now April 11th over a month since we returned from our disaster of a holiday. By the way the journey back was a lot better everyone turned up as they should, we were pre boarded and off loaded as per plan. Thank you Orlando staff, Virgin Atlantic and Gatwick for this.

On the way home we swung by RNOH Stanmore to see a nurse about Hubby's pressure sore, who duly wrote a report for the local medical staff to pick up on.

So it has been over a month since being back and still nothing invasive done to start Hubby's healing process. We are still sticking stupid gel sheets on his back hoping it will shift the necrotic tissue. His spinal rehab consultant wants him to have a MRI scan, but we can not have it done at our local hospital because the only local consultant with the Baclofen pump computer works at Addenbrookes and he is on his Easter break. Be nice if some of us could have a break from the constant worry as is life as a 24/7 carer. The MRI scan will disrupt the Baclofen pump, so can not even get the scan done private. Meanwhile Husband is thoroughly fed up, frightened, hurting and increasingly getting very angry at the non action. All of which I have to deal with.

My father [late stage lung / bone cancer] continues to deteriorate, they have given him oxygen now to help with his breathing which is laboured most of the time now. Still no word from the social services / PCT regarding either our full time care provision or any ad hoc provision so that I can go visit Father at least weekly.

I am finding myself wishing something would happen to me so that I can get a break from all this. It would be so great to go to bed at 10pm and not have to get up until 8am the next morning, be able to just to go for a walk or bike ride as my fancy takes me. Not wishing to take anything away from Hubby who is also going through 10 times more hell than myself and the only end he sees is his own death, which he wishes would come sooner rather than later.


  1. Although our situations are not the same, I can empathise both because of my serious health issues and also our disabled son's (he is now 37)
    Hospital staff - some can be caring - many NOT! In fact positively evil. Verbal complaints, written complaints, get you no-where So many awful things have happened over the years I can't even bear to relate them, but the fact remains that NHS care is getting worse and worse. God help us - the NHS certainly won't!

  2. thank you for your comment. I wish you all the best with your struggles.