Saturday, 16 July 2011

5 days on quite obvious no one gives a shit

The real story of caring today and the real pain of being on a NHS waiting list.

It's Saturday, spent all week waiting for the calls from the medical people who have the power to change our situation. But no we are still here in the same bad position.

I have spent most of the day after getting hubby up at 8am this morning trying to rearrange his feet, trying to make him a little more comfortable. Sitting watching him, as his left hip spasms so bad that he hangs onto his wheelchair with his right arm as if riding a bucking bronco ride, trying to hang on until it subsides or I lift him again to try and make him comfortable. But still no one is listening I watch his face the pain etched across it, and jump out of my skin as he shouts in pain and his startle at the sudden start of the spasms again.

I dare not complain of my many aches and pains, as his are 100 fold mine. Just praying my body holds out long enough to see him through this. This week I had to give up another chance of getting back to work because we have no carers.

Monday I will try and get him to the local hospital for an ultrasound scan of his bladder, maybe that might kick start some much needed help. I hear him shouting in pain again got to go and help him. See you all laters ....

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