Thursday, 16 June 2011

Another visit to the local hospital

Unfortunately Mr. T. caught another nasty urine bug and ended up on antibiotics in the local general hospital. The staff were great when we explained what was involved in looking after his spinal injury and decided that I was right that they could not carry out the Health and Safety rule breaking duties that are the only way we get through the torture that is our days. So a mattress was found for me to sleep on the floor so that I could as is my life attend to the forcible straightening of legs that needs to be performed during the night. I think they were also relieved that he would be one patient that they did not have to worry about feeding and toileting as I took care of it all, during his stay.

I was hoping that someone would write a report to social services or some authority helping us with our case for urgency in getting Mr T's Baclofen pump fitted. As they all told me I should not have to be doing what I have to do, ie acting as a human hoist, on duty 24/7 etc etc.

He had it noted that his pain levels were not under control but no one was interested, only wanted to treat what he was in for, getting him back to the community care as soon as possible and out of their hair. Sadly no one gives a sh*t about the holistic well being of the patient any more.

One thing I found alarming on my visit was the provided commode.

it had a hard plastic seat that someone with older thin skin should not be using for fear of pressure sores, also the foot tray had been removed meaning that the disabled are having their feet dragged across the floor, increasing the chances of falling out of the commode. The one we had was particularly dangerous as it had the tray metal ring still attached, a trapping point for patients feet. VERY VERY DANGEROUS...

Poor Mr T had to dragged back home for a shower where he could be safely handled, with bed baths in between.

I do wish people who buy these things would put some more thought it to it before they buy.

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