Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Why do people constantly take the pi** and think we don't know they are ?

Some recent examples of this,

Example 1 - letter back from Peterborough Hospital following complaint made regarding xray machine landing on hubby's leg. "the safety feature on this machine is working within safety parameters", if it was safe why did it hit my husband with such force it threw him forward in his wheelchair hurting his leg in the process ?

Example 2 appointment letter for an appointment in 10 weeks time even though we have stressed the urgency of the situation to several people who seem at the time to agree with us. After phoning up, get it changed to 5 weeks time which is more reasonable.

Example 3 still interviewing carers that have absolutely no work or life experience, despite constantly saying what we need.

Example 4 I say I need financial help to take an educational course and get offered an eighth of the cost, it might as well be a single penny for the use.

Example 5 local new hospital think it okay to put cobble stones from the disabled car park to the front entrance. Arrive shaken not stirred !!

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