Thursday, 21 April 2011

Another Scary Week

Hubby has got another UTI and isn't feeling very well. He various difficulties with many antibiotics and needed to have hospital grade stuff via an IV. Did not want it at home because of the possibility of an Autonomic (AD) attack if something went wrong, so off on Tuesday we trotted down to the local hospital, where we were kept waiting 6 hours in total for a 25min procedure. Told to come back on Wednesday for 2nd dose. So I rang on Wednesday to get the best time to turn up to be told we don't want him here he has to have it done in the community.Apparently only a Consultant can say so out patient treatment in a hospital our GPs had unwittingly overstepped their area of authority. So we waited for a senior nurse to give his IV in the evening and hoped everything would be okay. Especially in the light that he wouldn't get to hospital in time if an Ad attack did manifest itself as he can not travel in an emergency ambulance due to his spasticity. Everything went okay.

Thursday having been up most of the night with him as he was in so much pain, I rang the GP to ask for help, but as usual no one knows what to do. So we agree to just top up his Butran patches for now as does not seem to able to take anything else in high enough doses to make a difference. Stuff that he could take makes him feel worse than that we are hoping to overcome.

Meanwhile I can trying to straighten legs that don't wont to go straight, watching him trying to be sick, and writhing in pain that I can not treat.

So its another scary week here without the medical backup that we need for my piece of mind.

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  1. I wasn't aware of your blog till today, glad I've found it. Most of the carers I know care for disabled children it is therefore valuable to me to learn what it's like being the carer for an adult who isn't elderly. The 'job' you do is incredible, I just wish it wasn't so scary for you and indeed your OH.