Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year Same old Let downs

As I previously posted we spent much of the festive season commuting too and fro the local hospital, 3 times a day 25-29th , then once a day 30&31st. So on the first both of us spent most of the day dosing to catch up on lost sleep and through sheer exhaustion. We had planned to cook our xmas bird on the wed after but #1 son got ill so he didn't come to visit so we ate a bit on our own and I have made the rest into a years supply of curry and frozen it.

Spent most of the weekend mentally preparing for our epic trip down to Stanmore Hospital where Hubby will be an inpatient 4-13th. Arranged assistance at the rail station taxis both ends etc. We can not use the ambulances as there is a ban on Hubby's wheelchair type and he can not lie on a stretcher because of his spasticity.

So you can imagine the anger in our household yesterday to have a phone call at 9.40pm to say that despite several weeks warning our care company has decided that they can not fund the train ticket for an accompanying carer.It is a holiday here today so how am I going to contact anyone to solve this.

Better news they have relented and have paid for the carers train ticket. Whew as how was I going to manage a large holdall with Roho mattress enclosed plus the few bits of clothing and medication needed on my own and push a wheelchair to boot.

Oh Jees I forgot everyone thinks I AM SUPERWOMAN !!!

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  1. " If you need any help for tomorrow's trip down to Stanmore Angela ... I'm still available, call me at home tonight or send me an e~mail. "

    The Peterborough church is praying for you and so am I ... if you don't contact me this evening, I hope that all goes well for you both tomorrow.

    Robert H. Brown

    In the meantime, I've created my own blog site called, "Things that really matter ..." and my first post on it is you.